Actiforce Racing offer a number of workshop and trackside services to racers and trackday enthusiasts.
Suspension Services
Actiforce provide sales, service and support for K-Tech, Ohlins, WP, Showa, Kayaba and most other makes of motorcycle suspension.
Trackside Support
Suspension support is available for formal one-to-one track event analysis on test days or race days/weekends, or for group consultations at pre-organised trackday events.
Ride In Suspension Clinic
Bring your road bike or race bike to the workshop for a complete check of suspension components and set up. Balanced suspension units are essential for both road and track riding, you’ll be amazed at the difference.
Road bikes are set for general highway use by the average weight and ability rider, manufacturing tolerances mean that every bike comes out of the factory with the same settings but different levels of imbalance.

Race bikes are more prone to being “fiddled” with by well meaning people receiving poor information.

The correct settings and balance will make all the difference to performance, comfort, lap times and tyre wear.

It’s the cheapest and most effective method of improving performance and results.
Correctly balanced suspension will allow faster, smoother road riding and faster, consistent lap times. Most racers chase horsepower as a means of winning when the most effective and direct method is the suspension and set up of the machine (it’s also much cheaper). Motorcycle suspension has long been viewed as a “black art” which cannot be learned through reading manuals and internet articles, an amalgamation of years of experience and experimentation is the only way to secure that knowledge.
Bike Preparation
Everything from a complete build to BSB specifications, to modifications, upgrades, datalogging. Race preparations and servicing in between meetings also available.

Have your race bike professionally prepped and delivered to each race meeting.
Dyno Service
Full test and diagnostic dyno service.

Available for one-off power runs or block bookings for 1/2 day or full day hire
Tyre Service
We offer a very competitive tyre fitting and balancing service for either loose wheels or a complete ride-in, ride-out service, bring your own tyres or we can supply at competitive prices – new or part worn track tyres.
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